A democrat is one of the political personality dimensions in the political personality quiz.
The opposite of a democrat is an authoritarian.

The choice between more authoritarian and more democratic processes is distinct from the policies we advocate. People have an internalized concept of “freedom” and what degree of arbitrary authority is “normal”. One who favors the democratic, in the context of democratic institutions, is in favor of giving citizens and stakeholders more input into the government's agenda. In the democrat's perspective, being elected is a mandate to "serve the people".


Democrats tend to favor:

  • sensitivity to inequalities of power and influence
  • awareness of their own biases and preconceptions.
  • working to get a “wise decision” even if it takes longer.
  • recognizing multiple pathways for action.
  • the “wisdom of crowds”.
  • negotiation rather than force.
  • relying on "procedure"

Democrats tend to oppose:

  • decisions made in a hurry.
  • "leader worship" or the cult of personality
  • elitism, or rule by experts.
  • secrecy and the withholding of information.
  • vesting power in individuals

Relevant issues

democratic reform, governance, e-democracy, freedom of information, rights, corruption, grassroots democracy.

Statements used in the PPQ

  • Genius is overrated.
  • It is wrong to think that some people are wiser than others.
  • Before making an important decision, one should consult with all the stakeholders.
  • True democracy consists of citizens assembling to make important decisions.

Statements proposed for the PPQ

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