deep framing

The deep framing theory is an adaptation of information warfare and cognitive science and Moral Politics and conceptual metaphor theory to politics itself. It is the title of a book on the intersection of all these by George Lakoff. We, trolls believe it is the core principle of troll culture.

Lakoff has written semi-controversial works on linguistics, propaganda and cognitive science of mathematics, as well as the Metaphors We Live By. In general however his theories have become, if not accepted, very widely conveyed. See usefulness of trolling.


As various conceptual metaphors, e.g. Mother Earth, Play Ethic, etc., are already embedded in Green thought, the implications of these must be examined, to determine if they are compatible with "messages" the GPC currently wishes to convey, or result in mixed metaphors from which opponents can select the most undesirable to critique.

Also, terms like sustainability must be used only in the ecology sense, never as "social sustainability" or "fiscal sustainability".

Finally, terms like ecological deficit and social deficit are to be encouraged, as they tend to co-opt terms in use by others.


Forums where deep framing is very often discussed in depth in many practical contexts by political wikis including:

The MemeTank is an attempt to analyze the impact of such framing on US Presidential politics.

To a lesser degree it has been debated at the Green Party of Canada Living Platform though it is now generally not permitted as a topic: GPC-LP pages to be deleted contain many relevant to this idea.