create a page

The opportunity to create a page is one of the important political freedoms you have in Open Politics.

Two main ways to create a page

  • type a page name into the address bar that does not currently exist (or so you think).
    • Type: "http://openpolitics.ca/your+page+name" into the address bar of the web browser and click "GO". Use the name you wish to label your page. Use plus signs between the words rather than spaces.
  • create a link from any other page to ((your page name)) using ((double parentheseses)) .

Please search before creating a page. By reviewing the results of a page name search, you may find that a similar page does exist.

Blue question marks are Open Links to pages that have been linked to but have not been edited yet. Click on a question mark to create (be the first editor) the page.

Creating a page means editing for the first time Creating a page takes you directly to the edit window. After saving that edit, you will then see a blue question mark ? which you may click to be taken to the edit screen to edit that page for the first time.

Choose a good page name. To avoid choosing a bad page name for your page, we suggest finding a similar page in wikipedia and using that name (and perhaps some of that content too!). If you do accidentally pick a bad page name, don't worry, you can expect someone else will fix it.