consumption tax

All Canadian provinces except Alberta levy consumption tax, usually called sales tax and sometimes health services tax. It is harmonized with the GST in most provinces, which then can vary their own rates but cannot vary the tax base. Those that do not have more flexibility but must collect tax separately. See the issues:

Please verify the numbers and positions from 2006 as expressed in the Canadian federal budget, 2006 and subsequent debates.

during election NDP position Liberal position Green position Conservative position
Canadian federal election, 2006 - in context with other issues no change promised no change promised remove consumption taxes only from "ecological" goods and services - see green tax shift cut GST to 6% immediately, then to 5% - no change in tax base
Canadian federal election, 2004 - other issues regulate gasoline price; no tax on books, clothing, over-the-counter drugs no change increase as income tax is cut, but remove any "tax on tax", reduce tax on some essentials if provinces will harmonize, cut taxes on all services remove "tax on tax" on gasoline; no other change

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