In general English usage, conspiracy often connotes conspiracy theory, a pejorative term implying a lack of solid evidence on which to base the theory - often because the matters discussed are subject to many distortions and much inherent secrecy. None of which says anything about whether the theory is valid, only that it cannot be verified beyond a reasonable doubt as would be required in a criminal court proceeding.

In a Canadian political and legal context, the use of the word conspiracy is defined by Criminal Code of Canada Section 465 as defined here. Avoid uses of this term that do not specifically involve accusations of such acts at LivingPlatform.CA itself. If you make such accusations either attribute a quote or register so that your statement can be tracked, please.

To conspire is however a generic verb on the list of all control verbs, and to accuse someone of this is not the same as to accuse them of a (legal) conspiracy.