conditions for speedy deletion

This is a guideline of openpolitics.ca itself.

The conditions for speedy deletion are extremely limited and almost never satisfied on a coherent edit. Usually a page will be ignored. Only if one of these conditions applies should the header tag "delete" be used, and acted on within 48 hours:

  1. the page consists only of spam - if it's new, best to delete it and replace it with valid content for that title
  2. the page has a spelling error, plural, bad capitalization or other editorial problems that quickly proliferate in a wiki and render the database incoherent
  3. the page is new and its title is not within the naming conventions - the content should be moved immediately to a properly named page and any links to the improper title changed; this is to prevent habits of linking to bad names, e.g. plurals
  4. the page title or redirect is new and contributes to an already identified editorial imbalance - the content should be moved to a more neutral one, balancing redirects should be considered if a phrase is both persistent and explicitly attached to a public figure, without this balancing the redirect or title can be considered a bad redirect after 24 to 48 hours - quicker action is not recommended as there may be some obvious or already-intended balance that the author(s) intend/ed to include
  5. the page has been imported from some other wiki or created from a template, and is out of scope for this wiki; usually many such deletions would take place at once immediately after an import or mass page creation