common sense

The much-maligned term common sense is usually used to describe a naive ontology in which many assumptions of a status quo mindset go unchallenged and indeed are even assumed to be indisputable. See What is Called Thinking by Martin Heidegger for more on this question.

In practice, especially used in contexts like "common sense conservative", the term denotes stupidity: the active employment of a dominant mindset among a certain voting bloc, to gain and control power to dominate other people of different mindsets - using the fact of power as a rationale FOR power and justifying oppression of the ability to learn with "real world" axioms.

Most with intellectual integrity believe this akin to a declaration of moral bankruptcy. When one must appeal to common sense itself, the logic goes, one is appealing to force, only, the fact of dominant belief, and has no further nor any legitimate argument to which one might appeal. In particular, such a group puts all its faith in the police and has no way to challenge police priorities. See Mike Harris, Jim Harris, Harrisite, Common Sense Revolution, ERCT, colonialism, racism, corporatism, Craig Brommel, police state and fascism.

When such a group takes power, common sense in whatever effectively random form may be raised to an upper ontology. See Upper Canada, Upper Canadian, Upper Canada College, Upper Canada Law Society, Microsoft and White Man's Burden for examples.

The bodily harm done by this kind of an abdication of authority to force itself - see Dudley George, Walkerton water crisis, Toronto respiratory health crisis, Niagara drunk driving tour - to an unstatable ideology will always cause the group to fall apart, but not quickly, as ignorance is bliss and the group itself will be the last to feel the pain of its own bad decision making. See GPC Council Crisis and Ernie Eves. Substantial rebuilding will always be required - see John Tory - and a political party founded on these assumptions will often give rise to a zero wing and attempts at party merger to remove the taint of failure - see Reform Party of Canada and Canadian Alliance and Conservative Party of Canada.

Alternatives to common sense include trolls - who simply gainsay or challenge it directly, and are often for instance wiki witchhunted for doing so - to listen to women - difficult as the dominant mindset of any modern patriarchy is always male by definition, or democracy - though some forms of it simply become mob rule if the common sense assumptions remain unchallenged.

The Troll Age may mostly be about rejecting common sense.