Collectivist is one of the political personality dimensions examined in the political personality quiz.
The opposite of collectivist is individualist.

The choice between individualism and collectivism is mainly a question of social philosophy. Collectivist means that the individual is more accountable to the community and the community is more responsible for the individual. Collectivist types are more loyal and rooted in their communities. They are less likely to be "wanderers" and have a strong sense of community standards.


Collectivists tend to:
  • favor “law and order”
  • Disapprove of standardized testing
  • have a stronger sense of social responsibility.
  • enjoy public celebrations
  • highly aware of what is trendy
  • concerned about public “vices”
  • be patriotic
  • think often in terms of “us and them”
  • identify strongly with religious, ethnic or cultural groups

Collectivists dislike:

  • those who break the law
  • people who flout "community standards".
  • those who are disloyal
  • travel to strange cultures or eating strange foods.