cognitive notions of entropy

Cliff Joslyn's model of the cognitive notions of entropy has been the central defining tool of the LANL ontology.

For any military-industrial ontology a strong ontology of the relationships between cognition and entropy seems to be required, as the primary use of human cognition seems to be the undoing of entropy. This is core assumption of the mechanistic paradigm and is required for ultra-reflexive mechanism, e.g. deep application of a contractarian model in which there is a deterministic sense of the meaning of commit verbs.

By contrast a living ontology requires a notion of life-value and styles of capital that are useful to increase it, a radically different notion. There is no concept of entropy as such except insofar as it implies a model of time. The assumption in a living ontology is an imaginative rationality that can backcast from fixed time horizons in the rationally imagined future, to the present or recent past. The entropy is thus easily subordinated to creativity and a reflexive model, and the commit verb meanings can always be negotiated.