civics as usual

civics as usual

General principles of civics as usual.

Good and bad about how people get involved.

REQUIREMENTS Almost everyone who gets involved with politics because they want to make change. The two basic requirements are common to all entrants.
  • Opinionated - they believe in protecting or creating something.
  • Motivated - they are not just an armchair critic - but willing to do something.

Bad things that are good to have

  • political allegiance - most non-wealthy people who enter successfully have lifelong allegiance to one of the existing parties. - deep partisans succeed were moderates fail.
  • backers - being part to an industry, ethnicity, union, religion, or advocacy group that supports you.
  • No family commitments - politics quickly becomes life consuming for those involved.
  • Money - obviously if you have to support yourself or your family while you are doing politics you don't have much of a chance.

Unfortunately most of the people who get involved don't stay involved, and the fraction of those who try

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