A civics is an attempt to apply a system of ethics to form and find rulings within law). That is, it is an ((ethical code with the force of law, applied to create other law. It effectively defines when to defer, and to whom, and on what issues - it sets up a system of authority and determines the legal and ethical limits of change and challenge to it.

Beyond that, one's political philosophy and view of history tends to guide one's view of civics quite strongly. There is little objective that can be said.

study in Canada

However, in Canada, specifically, the study of civics generally includes:
  1. the judicial system
  2. the electoral system
  3. some version of political virtues

Institutions like Democracy Watch consider advanced issues in civics.


The Efficient Civics Guild seeks to improve the practice of civics all over the world, via living ontology and Living Ontology Web best practices. This is at an early stage with few results to report.