city signal infrastructure

A city signal infrastructure is the signal infrastructure of a large urban region.

infrastructure for e-government

Any serious e-government effort requires this to be planned and considered as a whole, with a resilient network at its core. If e-democracy is also to be supported, then, deficiencies or lack of access or coverage in specific areas of a city, must dealt with, before any important decisions can be made through a wholly electronic means.

The instructional capital - civic best practices - is of no use without infrastructural capital - the networks, radios, transmitters and so on - to make it go.

radical efficiency

A climate change prevention plan for Canada's cities was presented in the open letter to Ralph Goodale from Civic Efficiency Group.

The plan relied on improving city signal infrastructure to make cities much more efficient, by various quality management in government measures:

The measures were claimed to reduce health regrets of smog, open job opportunties for the disabled, and help ensure that municipal emergency response, e.g. 911 service, and even routine 311 service, could continue in pandemic or blackout conditions for extended periods.

The report was intended to influence the Infrastructure Canada, Service Canada and InfraGuide.ca efforts. It proposed a forgiveable loan program quite similar to the one John Godfrey eventually did approve.