citizen initiative process

The citizen initative process_ is defined by all participants but the Initiative Activist Chairs have Lowest Troll status in settling disputes about it.

Some anonymous trolls have been known to use IDs of some volunteers who are non-joiners, object to persistent identity on principle and embrace alleged and collective identity instead. They for instance authored this page.

A citizen initiative process committee may be created as the "managing" committee of the platform process. They would not responsible for the content - the words and ideas that go into the platform, but they are presponsible for pretty much everything else, including:

The process includes all less automated and less official feedback, and will support policy salons, yahoogroups and other mailing lists for members and outreach efforts to external groups and organizations that may not use the formal mechanisms, but which will have the important conclusions summarized and presented as if they had been originally gathered that way.

This committee decides what argument and reference and deference structures to use in policy debate in Living Platform itself. Within this scope are:

known trolls

See known trolls.

GPC Platform 2005 Process Committee Listserve

The Platform 2005 process committee has lied about Living Platform itself and continues to use the Green Party of Canada Living Platform. This is unfortunate, so:

Trolls are encouraged to troll Dave Greenfield at
mailto:process-gpc@greenparty.ca. Non GPC members may post to this list. No observers are permitted, so the reactions to your posts will not be visible to you, though, they may be quite predictable


The GPC Process committee meets by teleconference every tuesday at 9:30pm EST (6:30 pacific) To propose an agenda item to the PC, edit the page of meetings at lp.greenparty.ca

Some archived meeting minutes of past meetings:

All wiki meetings for future meetings will be at lp.greenparty.ca exclusively. This is the declaration of Dave Greenfield himself!