citizen initiative

"The credibility of the professional expert, be he scientist, therapist or executive, is the Achilles heel of the industrial system. Therefore, only those citizen initiatives and radical technologies that directly challnge the insinuating dominance of disabling professions open the way to freedom for nonhierarchical, community-based competence... The first step... is a skeptical and nondeferential posture of the citizen toward the professional expert. Social reconstruction begins with a doubt raised among citizens." - Ivan Illich, Useful unemployment and its professional enemies, 1977

A citizen initiative is one that is not defined by a political party but instead by involved or activist citizens - the leader of which is called an "initiative activist". One need not consider oneself "activist" to be involved in an initiative but the promoter of any such initiative needs a public profile and a willingness to speak out and become a public figure.

Each such initiative (or "plank" when they are combined into a citizen platform ) is promoted by a lobbying effort to gain politician, citizen, activist, media and interest group support for specific policy measures.

A list of such projects is at all citizen initiatives.

Openpolitics.ca itself is a means to start initiatives or join initiatives that affect any or all levels of government or jurisdictions. They include global issues such as naming conventions for international Green Party policy, simultaneous policy and global concerns such as HIV/AIDS, deforestation and monetary reform. See list of policy terms.

There are many good examples of the use of citizen initiatives in politics, notably in California.

Another example is the use to create a citizen survey that can contrast candidate or politician views with those of the citizens, as was done by ImagineHalifax survey which was based on the Imagine Halifax initiatives list.