cite their experts

Cite their experts is a best practice.

In preparation for any kind of public debate to research and cite the experts who take positions you oppose is highly recommended for the following reasons:
  • it helps one avoid taking foolish positions.
  • it "inoculates" your position against the use of these experts against your position or argument.
  • you can cite the worst thing this expert ever said and ridicule it. (an ad hominem attack on their credibility).
  • you can cite their support of your position or something close to it.

see also:
devil's advocate

Playing devil's advocate is a civic best practice, by making arguments for a position radically opposite from that which you actually hold, it is often possible to get opponents to make statements that support your own position.

This is a civic best practice because it helps defuse polarities between opponents and demonstrates that which is broadly agreeable to both.

A critic, who learns mainly by disagreeing, is particularly vulnerable to this tactic: they will position themselves against you, then, when you challenge them from the opposite side, they will restate your own position sometimes in your own words. Then you can quote them saying what you had said originally.