cite link

A cite link is usually an external link to provide evidence/source/authority information that backs up an issue/position/argument in open politics. Because of the nature of a wiki alternate sources are always recommended to make a convincing case.

external URI

An external URI is a special type of citation that implies no authority other than ICANN - exactly the sense of page names at aboutus.org.

An external URI page name must be an ICANN-recognized TLD with its protocol specified as a page name prefix - HTTP is the default. Note that this creates a namespace for each protocol.

A cite link is a specialized refer link.

See refer link for a more detailed explanation of these types of links.

necessary to cite evidence

Without cite links it's unclear what is being used as evidence in arguments.

See TIPAESA for an detailed description of the argumentation framework used for online deliberation in open politics and GROOP.