child labor

Child labour or labor is the phenomenon of children in employment. In Canada, there are laws restricing the employment of children.

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Position: Child labour is immoral and should be made illegal worldwide. Canada should ban imports from countries or companies that employ child labour in any way. Canada should also provide aid children and their families in countries who have high instances of child labour to make up for any lost income when the children are no longer permitted to work.


If we do not ban child labour, it will never go away because companies will continue to exploit children for their cheap labour. By banning trade with countries who use child labourers, and by providing aid to those countries, we get to the root cause of child labour: poverty.

Position: Child labour is a necessary evil in the developing world. Child labour should be allowed, but companies using child labour should be required to provide proper working conditions and schooling for their child employees.


If children are not permitted to work in factories or in their own small businesses, they will be forced into even more hazardous work, such as prostitution and hustling. For example, a UNICEF study found that that 5,000 to 7,000 Nepalese children turned to prostitution after the U.S. banned that country's carpet exports in the 1990s. Also, after the Child Labor Deterence Act was introduced in the US as estimated 50,000 children were dimissed from their garment industry jobs in Bangladesh, leaving many to resort to jobs such as "stone-crushing, street hustling, and prostitution," --"all of them more hazardous and exploitatitive than garment production" according to a UNICEF study.

Source: child poverty Wikipedia