chief editor

chief editor

200px-statueofliberty-costume.jpg The role of a chief editor in open politics is that of someone who preserves the open politics mission while delivering a high value service to casual users. Chief editors use their influence to maintain balance, consistency of style, brevity, and encourage a high quality deliberation on the issues.

As of LP steering meeting 2005-04-21 Hayley Easto and Michael Pilling were named the first chief editors of Openpolitics.ca. No term was specified, but this will likely be resolved by 2006(needs updating). In the future, chief editors will be selected from the ranks of senior editors who are active in open politics.

Chief editors are generalists, not specialists. They do not make the rules, but rather, compile and publicize the custom writing guidelines and terms of use.

Powers of a Chief Editor:

A chief editor may issue an OP:directive, which is an instruction to all editors and senior editors, but no chief editor has yet done so, since it is preferable for rules to evolve from custom paperguidelines and guidelines from best practices. Chief Editors are also responsible for instructing server administrators in the event of technical emergencies.

Cheif Editors also can issue an OP:notice which is an "fyi" to editors and senior editors.

Chief Editors are not the "police" - they don’t handle routine user infractions of the terms of use, this is the job of administrators. Chief Editors do appoint administrators, who then act on their own judgment in enforcing the terms of use. Senior editors and editors appoint themselves. Chief editors do act to settle disputes and rule on fuzzier matters like deciding what constitutes ‘’appropriate use’’ and what passes for ‘’orderly conduct’’ in Open Politics. They do so without changing permissions.

Recognizing a chief editor

When a chief editor acts as a chief editor, they must log in as chief_editor. When they make a ruling on something, the ruling is placed as an edit comment viewable from the history screen. Otherwise they are editing as a regular editors.