A chaordic system is one that is reflexive in its own governance, a fully self-organized system - one where the participants define the mission and debate by editing that mission directly within the medium being debated. Living Platform itself is a chaordic system.

A reflexive intranet can be described also as chaordic if key decisions like "what to do next" are made within it. For instance if Living Platform upgrades were debated within the Living Platform itself as tikiwiki flaws are, it might be fair to call the intranet a chaordic construction.

A delphi can be described as chaordic likewise if not only questions about who to ask, and what to ask, are asked of the participants, but also questions about how to run the project.

The Chaordic Principles of Practice propagated by chaordicinitiatives.org outline how these apply to Corporate Governance. Some of the principles seem to be in common with Share Alike, suggesting Creative Commons and Chaordic Commons have ideas in common.