cellular regeneration

Mammal cellular regeneration is very poorly studied, depite being absolutely central to healing.

While many reptiles and amphibians have the ability to re-generate entire limbs, and some worms can actually re-create two entire organisms from two halves, the much lower-level mechanism that generates the healing process in the body of mammals, and permits the much more limited regeneration of individual cells,has long been obscured in biology by use of the terms “differention” and “dedifferention” of cells. The widespread belief that only pre-differentiated "stem cells" can be used in regeneration is simply incorrect:

"Becker, e.g., clearly showed that potentials placed across intractable bone fractures directly generated such effects in red blood cells entering the injury site. First the cells “dedifferentiated” back to an earlier form, growing a nucleus and shucking their hemoglobin. Then these new cells “differentiated” forward to form the type of cells that make cartilage. Then these cells further differentiated forward to form the type of cells that make bone. They were then deposited in the fracture site to heal the fracture. Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize for this incredible work."

One reason that myths persist about this process is that models of the cellular regenerative system cannot be produced with the electromagnetic wave equations in common use. Evans work to extend Maxwell's original 20 equations in 20 variables (which some think shows Maxwell, not Einstein, to have been the greatest physicist) had not yet occurred.

Becker's "bone healing work, did survive quietly, and today it is quietly used in some hospitals to continue to treat and cure otherwise intractable bone fractures."

Further stufy of this process waited until the "1950s and 1960s, working with eminent French scientists, when Antoine Priore discovered how to directly amplify that “cellular regenerative” process in the laboratory. He used a huge plasma tube fed with a mix of transverse EM waves, unwittingly using a characteristic of plasmas that can transduce transverse waves to longitudinal EM waves. Hence he had introduced a longitudinal EM wave structure inside the plasma, adding to its field structures. "

"In quantum field theory, the longitudinal photon and the time-polarized (scalar) photon are individually nonobservable. However, the combination is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential—common voltage." Thus the use of voltage, in Becker's treatment, is explained by the fact that the body may be generating voltage the same way in order to heal itself.

His "use of a potential across a fracture site...was comprised of longitudinal EM waves and scalar EM waves (time-polarized EM waves) in pairs, slightly altering Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 work. So in nonlinear optical terms, Becker was “pumping” those red cells (and the fracture vicinity) in both the time domain and the 3-space domain."

To account directly for the cellular dedifferentiation and redifferention effects physically demonstrated, from the point of view of normal growth, undoing the changes stem cells go through to become ordinary cells, and then causing them to go down a different path to become the required type of cell.
One way to model this is as "a time-reversed precursor “engine”" - a set of standing waves that express the desired and healthy body state. ''This might also account for the auras that some people observe in some circumstances around other people, especially forming the shape of missing toes or fingers."

"an oscillating magnetic field" contained "in its longitudinal EM wave internal composition" this so-called “engine”. In Priore's experiment, a patient "laid on a table under the magnetic field beam, and the entire body was bathed in this emission." This somehow appeared to provided an amplification of the body's own cellular regeneration mechanism, perhaps by means of its resonance with "the rippling magnetic field" that, carried the pattern of standing waves "to all parts of the body, even through the bone marrow to the primitive cells, etc."

"As many persons have suspected, when the body is sick, it is “sick all over”, in that the disease engine pattern is in all the potentials of the entire body, at every level." This has major implications for dentistry and nutritional health in particular. What is sometimes called a "detrimental engine" or pattern could be compensated for in much the same way as a sonic wave pattern can break up and counter an undesirable noise and permit a pleasant and desired one to become the predominant sound. Scientists who "learned how to adjust the input signals for a given disease", found that "unparalleled healing of disease occurred, in thousands of laboratory animal experiments rigorously performed at the University of Bordeaux by famous French scientists. Terminal cancers, some specific infectious diseases, etc. were cured with alacrity and remarkable effectiveness. The results were so astounding that they caused a sensation in France and in some other scientific communities also."

However, without the explanation of the wave phenomena, it was not possible to clearly "recognize and state the mechanism used in the Priore work... To show the “engines” effect and that the internal patterns “internal engines” inside a given EM field or potential (in its Whittaker decomposition) do diffuse from one potential into another, and remain there and only gradually diffuse away," so many other experiments were performed:

"It was shown that blood from a rat successfully healed of a terrible terminal cancer could then be injected into another rat with the same disease, and that rat would also start to get well and get rid of the cancer. This “pass it along” effect lasted for some weeks. But the experiments clearly showed that the necessary “antiengine” had been created in the original treated rat, and that it was actually present everywhere in that rat, in its blood and elsewhere, and only gradually “dissipated” by diffusion reactions as time passes."

Similar cancer-eliminating effects have been reported and verified regarding blood Ph level, which may also be one of the mechanisms that explain the healing.

French scientific literature "could not grasp the mechanism—because they only had the tired old Maxwell theory to apply, and that theory flatly cannot model engines or the healing process itself. Consequently, today we still have a medical science that largely deals with killing and removal processes (such as the immune system's warlike work), while almost totally ignoring the actual healing mechanism and system of the body."

In other words, the weak concepts of a growth metaphor and attack and defense metaphor may be retarding medicine as much as they retard economics.

Source: Cheniere.org report