Page names including the term:by and before imply attribution is claimed or a deadline is set or proposed to be set by authority - see below.

[+] preposition


The CC naming conventions use by for attribution, as in "CC-by", "CC-by-sa" and "CC-by-nc-sa", the open content licenses included in the Common Content and CC-by-nc-sa corpus.

The ECG naming conventions support this also:


ECG naming conventions use by also for any deadline that it is proposed anyone commit to, preferably combined with we/will/must, as in "by 2007 LP will". You must make a conscious effort to correct any such names that are incorrect or obsolete, and to facilitate this, the deadlines are most obvious in main namespace.

not for external events: use before instead

For events out of the control of the users involved, the "before date" convention is used instead, e.g. before 2012. Thus, a political party out of power may ask, require, or demand that something be done before DATE, but may not commit to do it themselves except in a context where they might take power, e.g. an election campaign, as part of an election promise. In such a context a party may even create pages with names like "by 2012 GPC will form government" even if it seems ludicrous. However, outside parties speculating on that same event would have to use before: "before 2012 GPC will form government"

The Imagine Halifax terms included this rule.