bioregional e-democracy district council

A bioregional e-democracy district council is a predecessor and prototype for a bioregional district council that would operate primarily using open politics argument methods, and would meet physically only rarely and with full support for all physically disadvantaged from attending.

It could begin as the coordinating and educating mechanism for an opt-in local issues forum service to exploit e-democracy techniques in communities.

Representation and rootedness are critical to success in such projects, so such a council would have to employ a bioregional multi-member district scheme of election, e.g. such as the watershed union proposal for Nova Scotia.

The Council would represent the bioregion itself. It would come into existence first to support an opt-in local issues forum service with regional support and specific input on bioregion concerns. The administration of such forums would have to be bioregional from the beginning, and would reflect the eventual formation of bioregional districts in associated electoral reform proposals. The intent would be that the council organize and prepare the bioregional district, and bootstrap the political party players for systems where they must compete across the bioregion in any election and in the related efficient politics methods.

The first step, the local issues forums, will establish technical and terminology precedents:

Each Council will elect citizens by means similar to any other Citizens Assembly and will be ultimately responsible for that district in any nonpartisan forums created by the government to consider electoral reform or similar issues.