bioregional district

A bioregional district is an electoral district with fixed borders matching exactly those of a bioregion as defined by ecologists.

These are usually watersheds, grouped by some criteria provided by geology or climate to ensure that regions that are similar, are together, and which share a common biological fate, remain together to face it.

A bioregional district scheme avoids obvious and common problems such as one county administering a place whose sewage or toxic waste flows into another, and being sluggish to respond since problems do not show up in the jurisdiction that is facing the problem.

A bioregional multi-member district scheme is thought to be most desirable since it resolves the problem of ideological proportionality better and permits larger districts to be represented by teams in a representative democracy.

A bioregional e-democracy district council is an aspect of open politics itself applied to the problem of optimal use of technology and the terminology to achieve so-called e-democracy.

The BSTV+C+P electoral reform scheme is very heavily dependent on bioregional districting.