best practice

A best practice is a way of doing things that a large number of people have accepted or at least not challenged. See expert peer review and massive peer review for ways of validating such practices.

Best practices are holistic - the value of doing something a certain way may not be immediately obvious, a best practice in one activity may be because it supports another best practice in another activity. For example, it may be a best preactice in a wiki to log time in a way that is machine readable, even though this is not immediately the most convenient (but it sure will be when all of the hours can be tallied automatically).

A continuous improvement or quality management exercise identifies such practices. A best practices compilation applies to a single domain, e.g. the InfraGuide for municipal management. A few such compilations:

A best practice exchange makes it easy to identify those that apply to one's own context. Share Alike works like free software and open content require re-integration of all improvements, therefore, some best practice exchange is actually required, e.g. at sourceforge.net best software development practices are perfected and source code can be better integrated. The US Government Open Code Collaborative and Civic Efficiency Collaborative are two examples of applying these approaches more broadly to achieve quality management in government.

Recording best practices.

To record a civic best practice, create a page and link it to this one.
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