This proposal for a guideline of openpolitics.ca itself reflects many wiki best practices, the living ontology distinctions and open politics in force audit criteria.

To balance a large public wiki, particularly a political wiki, is very challenging.

To deal with editorial balance problems requires a very rigorous and obviously fair and transparent process. Any usurpation or seeming abuse of power, overly hasty action, or even errors by well-meaning persons, cna result in making a balance problem much worse by enraging trolls who are committed to their point of view. These have destroyed more than one political wiki. Accordingly wiki best practice has evolved to favour a very clear specific process to keep the main namespace balanced:

  1. First, clearly mark a page with any notices and status tags that honestly reflect the view of senior editors of the page and its content. This makes it impossible to argue that an action took place out of order, or that anyone exploited administrator or Chief Editor powers without consulting all editors. ##Spam and bad page names are the only exceptions to this rule - no one need be consulted to remove, hide or delete it, as long as actual human authored content has not been hidden.
    1. Other candidates for speedy deletion may also be exceptions - some judgement is required
  2. After allowing some time for editors who believed that the page was fine in its current form to adapt and react to the view of other editors, preferably at least 48 hours, re-assess balance of the main namespace and determine if the problem still exists. If it does, and only if it does, consider taking further action.
  3. If a page expresses a valid view but may contain false statement of fact there are good reasons to hide it: this lets people interested work on it out of sight of the general readership and search engines. It is easy to reveal hidden pages again once they satisfy journalist best practices.
  4. If a hidden page cannot be repaired or balanced or remains out of order or out of scope, it should usually be ignored. Thus it remains in the database in case anyone wants to fork wikis that could either fix or embrace the editorial bias problems of the page, or in which the page is not out of scope due to the wiki's different view.
  5. If an ignored page is truly useless and misleading and no faction is willing to move it into a client namespace or otherwise "save it", it should be deleted so that future archives do not give the false impression that the page was part of the database. It will remain in any earlier archives.