bad redirect

This is an openpolitics.ca guideline.

There are some reasons not to redirect to a page.

  1. The redirect associates a topic or phrase to a public figure or profile as a joke or overtly derogatory inference, or selectively (associating a widely used phrase or controversy with one person who did not clearly originate it). Even if that phrase is somehow explicitly and permanently linked to that public figure, and there are similar linkages to any rivals or competitors, this can easily aggravate an editorial imbalance and is all but impossible to do consistently.
  2. The redirect crosses namespaces but is not reflexive in any way - that is, the redirect is not required to prevent redundant pages from being created or simplify the way the wiki presents its own internal state.
  3. The redirect is an attempt to avoid the complexity of the actual issue and over-simplifies the matter to the clear benefit of one faction or position, e.g. redirecting abortion to "right to life".