bad edit

bad edit

A bad edit is one that does not or should not last.

All editing is about getting good edits to "stick" and making bad edits to go away.

A bad edit can be any of the following:

Certain forms of weak edit can become bad if no effort is made to clarify how they relate to open politics itself:
  • too wordy.
  • irrelevant to the page, or out of scope for open politics in general.
  • uses too much jargon, or eccentric language.
  • messy

The "bad"ness of an edit has nothing to do with whether you disagree with the position taken or dislike the person taking it. A common bad edit is one that undermines or ridicules an unpopular position, and facilitates groupthink, censorship, or reinforces a political bias. Another common bad edit is a crony attempting to protect a party leader or leadership candidate from criticisms or concerns.

Please repair a bad edits wherever you see them, even if, ESPECIALLY IF, the author happens to be extremely influential.

See also:editor guidelines, guidelines,wiki etiquette, content over community, political wiki, political bias