assemble citizen

To assemble citizen volunteers to take issue with government or corporate decision making requires specific support from Living Platform itself. Benoit Couture proposes that it "lay the foundation of inter personal and communal unity... to break the ground solidly into self-governance... to move into the practical developement of who we are, and of our natural deployment with the spirit of community self-governance."

See Citizens Assembly for a very large scale example. What follows applies also to small scale work:

The Living Agenda extends Living Platform itself to deal with such governance matters, e.g. GFC governance, GPO governance, GPTO governance, and nonprofit governance, e.g. Green Research governance, Element Village governance, etc.. To use this method requires:

  1. a goal statement
  2. a means to self-organize to get there
  3. will to form a learning organization

Unfortunately, GPC Governance is no longer a good exmaple of Political Party Governance, and the GPC officer protocol and GPC candidate protocol and GPC member protocol in particular are simply examples of a winner take all "command hierarchy" built around a GPC Leader who can ignore any GPC protocol even if defined in the GPC Constitution. The Green Party of Canada Living Platform is no longer a way to assemble citizen concerns but is a narrow partisan assembly body.

More abstract principles of self-organization which apply to any serious effort to assemble citizens:

These principles can be applied in a number of ways. The Efficient Politics approach for instance, has certain technological and linguistic implications that imply that there is a particular disciplined approach to use of each:

A reflexive intranet built on the above principles lets us, in Benoit's words "ourselves in the middle of the environments of the daily governing necessities and issues with our own personal and collective lives on the line, so as to learn to cultivate the living discipline of Ten Key Values as the foundation upon which to drive our renewal approach." The Habits of Well Beings explains this in further depth, and probably more accessible language. To manage habits is ultimately what assembled citizens do, that cannot be done for them by any authority or leader.

Benoit claims that from "apprenticeship will come the intelligence as well as the empowerment at adapting solutions locally, from our own coming into being."

Craig Hubley adds that "assembling citizens requires a WE, then that WE BE, then DO as consequence of BEing, then GO as a consequence of DOing. Assembling citizens implies that there is a fixed structure of assembly, i.e. citizen assembly, and a method and process to do this quickly and without violating anyone's values. That is, ways to make a "we" that do not involve ideology and blind obedience, but voluntary bonds of the sort described in social capital research." ''This is the main capital asset of a power network. For the details, see:

Benoit suggests an approach "timed to fit into the sequence of events that go from the campaign...to the up coming" Canadian federal election, 2005. Accordingly, as also outlined in Habits of Well Beings, citizens who assemble in a political party need an election protocol to state the events that occur immediately after the writ drop. Other critical issues of accountability for political parties are dealt with at GFC protocol.''

I write this on Saturday morning Aug. 20, 05 at 7;25 am. I did not know of all the good work done to refine my thoughts along with other intelligent people. Thank you Craig for doing so while keeping me humble. Now that I found you though, I pray that the team of justice and freedom that we represent together along with Jeff and Chris and Andrius and... that this team of our's gets on very, very soon to simplify all complexities by getting in sync with the ongoing emergence of the Land of Emmanuel in the perpetual celebration of Easter, radiating out from each one's own heart and spirit and the assembling of the communion there with. Such is the way of the universal citizenship who is being civilized by the guidance given from stanger to family in the discipline from animal to spiritual, from self-destruction to self-control to community self-government.
The 360 degrees feedback is now carved in philosophically to begin the circulation of the currency of common interests in the essence of the matter from Canada to Europe to Canada until we ignite the Green Movement of Conscience into all local socio-cultural politics of the 70+ countries of Green affilition. The unfolding of the view I propose can be read from my BBC's website personal page at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/U1590685
Please bear in mind as you get acquainted to my writings, that I work from a position of exile from my love ones. My intense offbeat way of searching for truth since I was 12 years old, has alienated most of my family and friends since 1978 when I was 20 and I work ever since, to find the healing of the meaning, at its very essence of contact so that I may live on into the substance of life's pure enjoyment of sanctity and relevancy, loving increasingly my neighbor as myself.
So all this need on mine to put my name forward as I do, is because of my own journey on the Recovery Road, where humanity must meet one another in the Ministry of Reconciliation, no matter how close or how far one is from the aim. I serve so that I may be a point of experiential reference but please let us relate where there are no hero nor idol of any kind. I need to say so because as a fallen former teen hockey star, the last 3 months took me from deep emotional imbalances to where now, there are complete pages of reseach tracking under my name in the google search engine. This is how I found out about this work of Craig, to which I am responding to, here.
So I may as well use this moment to inform you all that my latest attempt to add currency to my campaign is to bring in view The Personal Sector by building from all the best of the private and public sectors. This is how unfolds the 360 degree feedback activity from upon the Land of Emmanuel in the perpetual celebration of Easter. I pray that all of the earth's democracy find the maturity of a people of all people from the local healing of Hobbema reserve in Alberta, Canada to the global conversion of the war on drugs into the victory over stress and the compulsive nature and behaviors.