as of date

Marking facts true as of date in question is a convention from GFDL corpus namespace. See the way this is handled in mediawiki-based services aten:Wikipedia:Wikipedia_as_of.

For instance, all things true as of 2005 that might change later must link to that page, not to 2005 directly. This differentiates mentions of that year as a whole, from snapshots of events merely reported during that year.

Avoid words like "will be" or "is expected to be" but if you must use them, link directly to as of so they can be detected and changed when more certain information is available.

For very rapidly changing information, as of yyyy-mm and as of yyyy-mm-dd and even as of yyyy-mm-dd-hh is recommended. This will handle information updated as frequently as hourly, which probably only applies to declaration of war and writ drop, and GPC Leader status.

At least once a year, these pages must all be consolidated. For instance in early 2006, anything true as of 2005 should be updated to link to that page and not to a more specific month, i.e. those to as of 2005-12 and as of 2005-01 should all be updated to just "as of 2005" or as of the month in which it's updated in 2006: as of 2006-02 and as of 2006-03. All more detailed dates must then redirect to the single page as of 2005.

The as of convention is a wiki best practice extended and optimized for Living Ontology Web by Efficient Civics Guild. The convention is public domain, this page licensed CC-by-nc-sa.