as of

Avoid words like "will be" or "is expected to be" but if you must use them, link directly to this page: as of, so they can be detected and changed when more certain or updated information is available.

For finer grained tracking, report things as being true as of dates, so pages can be created that track these, e.g. as of 2005.


This is a wiki best practice followed in the GFDL corpus namespace. See the way this is handled in mediawiki-based services aten:Wikipedia:Wikipedia_as_of.

The use of the term:as and term:of are both closely controlled in living ontology. Since as invokes a human role and of invokes some context or scope especially a temporal one (third of June etc.), it's fairly obvious that a human being must be involved in making a judgement about "as of". See also "as in" which has similar semantics.