as candidate

When using LivingPlatform.CA as candidate for some elected office, you are assumed to shadow someone else using it as representative already holding that office.

See candidate portal for preliminary specifications.

Living Platform itself does not play favourites, but an LP client has certain priveleges over a non-LP client:

During elections, candidates may use LP as representives do - but LP clients may also do this before an election, e.g. publish Living Letters to their intended constituents.

When using LivingPlatform.CA logged in as candidate for a given ofice, the adaptive user interface will focus on your jurisdiction and on the tasks of that office.

Any party affiliation is reflected as activists do, but the "of" clause indicates the party that is presenting you:
  • "as candidate of GPO for Premier" i.e. GPO Leader
  • "as candidate of NDP for Mayor of Toronto"

Note that being "of" a party is not the same as being "for" a party. Candidates are offering themselves to the public for public service not for the party. That is central to the idea of public service.