archived page

An archived page is the result of an archive page action. It is also possible to refer to the page as an "archive page" as the overloaded noun phrase and verb phrase in this case creates no confusion: one creates such a page by invoking the action, and neither action takes any arguments.

An archived page is a form of protected page, when it is presented by the portal LivingPlatform.CA itself.

archived multi-page ZIP files

Under the CC-by and CC-by-nc-sa open content licenses, anyone who improves these materials or maintains them in their accurate form is obligated to redistribute them.

Most large public wikis satisfy this requirement by making their entire database available in .ZIP file form for download and use by anyone who is running the same software, e.g. tikiwiki, in our case.

Eventually LivingPlatform.CA itself will make such .ZIP files available on a weekly or at worst monthly basis, and put them up at livingplatform.ca/archived.

Note that "archive" without a d is a verb, and "zip" is also a verb, so we can't use those to store things = nouns.