archive page

An archive page action creates an archived page that should never be edited again. See also protect page which is for active pages subject to various kinds of unwanted change.

This action should be taken when a page is still needed for reference but which is no longer current. For each archived page there are one or more current pages that must be referred to at the top of the archive page, so that no one mistakes old for new material. This page must also be linked to make this explanation easy to find.* The creation of such a page may require quite a bit of work.

Archived page names should have dates, at least in years. Some may need better scoped names. So the Answers to Questionnaires may need to become the Green Party of Canada official answers to questionnaires, 2004 (the best name as it follows all GFDL corpus namespace conventions) or at least Answers to Questionnaires 2004.