One archives materials in various ways for various reasons:
  • When introducing CC-by, CC-by-sa, CC-by-nc-sa, GFDL or other open content materials to a page, make sure to include them unmodified, with the license and author(s) noted, in a distinct section of the page edited - include a link here to this archive page so that links to here can track reliably in the page history which contributions came from that author under that license.
    • This satisifes the attribution clause of licenses for that version, and makes it possible to satisfy in future versions:
    • Those who edit pages that include that content always have a clear single reference as to exactly what was said by that author under what license. Where possible include a cite link to the original page where the material was published, unless the author is not credible and unlikely to be cited further, i.e. if their material is used only as a list of issues or errors for wiser folk to edit.
  • When comments are no longer relevant to a page they can be recorded on a talk page or talk page archive
  • When a page set is no longer relevant to the mission, it can be archived individually or just protected or deleted once the general archive has been updated.