approved this page

The living ontology requires that when an authority has "approved this page", they do a null edit on it, changing nothing (or perhaps just copyedit) to indicate approval. An example is Element Village Business Plan.

It may be necessary on some pages to add a troll warning or a note that, unless a person or one of a short list of persons has approved the page, it is not to be quoted from or cited from. An example is Hayley Easto runs for GPO President.

In that case there should be a header tag indicating who or what factions have approved.

Please note that approval has nothing whatsoever to do with authorship, which is irrelevant to the purposes of open politics itself.

In American politics as usual a similar rule applies, requiring candidates to be clearly heard in any radio ad or TV ad or quoted in a print ad saying, e.g. "My name is George W. Bush, and I approved this ad." This is thus a civic best practice.