approve version

approve version

endorse version

If desired, an authority can verify aspects of a page, or endorse a specific version of a page, by editing that page or point and placing an appropriate and specific edit comment including their username and role. Preferably as an OP-recognized credential. The term:by should almost always appear.

Version 12 verified by User:Michael_Pilling as regular editor.

Version 4 verified by User:Hayley_Easto as chief editor.

Version 3 fact-checked by User:Dan_King as regular editor.

Ideally hard disclaimers remain visible until such validation is achieved.

The _user_signed tag is a shortcut to indicate any arbitrary statement similar to the above that may need to go on the record. For instance _user_HCE abbreviates approved by User:Hayley_Easto as in:

This is identical to the convention used in agenda protocol.

finding and published approved versions

The edit comment appears in the page history. Experienced editors will know to consult the history and seek out the most recent verified version. Others may assume consent by edit, so explicit marks and notices are preferred:

Only a proper approve version stamp conveys legitimate agreement or commitment of an actual person, signed by that person. If a unique role account is used, it can be taken as approval by that person in that role (only). ''If a role is shared by more than one person, e.g. chief editor, administrator such marks are inoperative and disallowed with open politics in force. A much clearer tokenized name is ideal, e.g.:

Version 4 verified except for stuff regarding Debbie Hartley - approved by User:Hayley_Easto as chief_editor

This use of such a special role account reduces use of the _user_HCE convention since that account is only ever used to do approval in a particular role. That is, everything done by someone signed in that way is thus signed.

genuine approval

In some cases people may have the ability to approve officially for some group or organization, but this is unusual. Something that is published has been endorsed, fact-checked, liability-checked and approved by all of the parties that had to approve or indicate they had been notified (not the same as approving) it would be published. Where the parties concerned are unfriendly, a proxy may verify this instead.

OP publish protocol is a Living Agenda protocol quite similar to the agenda protocol. It has yet to be fully detailed. It will not resemble LP publish protocol which required approval of an entire political party.

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