approval vote

An approval vote is any vote in which any of the approved options must be weighted equally. That is, if an option is approved, it cannot be weighted or ranked any higher than any other approved option. Usually there are as many potential votes as options so that all options can be approved by all voters, in theory.

If it is possible to weigh options more heavily than each using cardinal numbers it is an allocation vote. If it is possible to rank an option over another explicitly using ordinal numbers it is a preferential vote or instant runoff vote.

A disapproval vote consists of ruling out options, but its psychology and exceptions are not symmetric: that is, one cannot assume that disapproving of all the unapproved options would necessarily lead to the same result. If there is an unlimited number of votes, the two are logistically identical, though the fact that one is expressing disapproval changes voter mindset.

The Wikimedia Foundation uses approval votes for choosing its board. It has implemented some minor software changes to mediawiki to make this simpler to register.