anonymous troll

Every anonymous user is assumed to be an anonymous troll. This is not the same as an anonymous person nor an anonymous coward. There is no implication of mistrust or prejudice against a user for remaining anonymous, and, no ad hominem revert will apply simply due to anonymity:

If you want to be anonymous, you can edit anonymous. To allow such edits and avoid any practice that discourages them is a wiki best practice. If we assume the worst, that the poster is intending to disrupt, to troll as it is often called, then, we develop habits that are extremely tolerant of trolls: troll-friendly. This serves us well later.

Many web services require login. This is a bad idea since they end up generating a pseudonym. Pseudonyms are a bad idea. They seem to generate positive reputation, but, they are disposable, so the reputation is only being built up for a bad purpose. Contrary to popular belief, to require logins does not do all that much to prevent spam.

If you cease to be an anonymous troll, then, we'd prefer you use your full name with spaces and capitalization, space as underscore like "Michael_Pilling" with proper email addresses,


Obvious troll names with disposable large public webmail addresses (like azanian_troll at yahoo.com or red_hot_troll at gmail.com).

OR stick with strictly anonymous edits. Those three are all totally defensible and have legitimate purposes.

The http://tor.eff.org/index.html.en Tor software helps to achieve a truly anonymous internet connection.