anonymous edit

Editing a page without logging in results in an anonymous edit. They play a key role in an online community by allowing users to add information without being constrained by revealing their identity. Anonymous edits do, however, lack the credibility that may be obtained by signing your name to it.

Those who regularly edit anonymously are usually called anonymous trolls or trolls.

Such edits are permitted and encouraged at openpolitics.ca. However, repeated violations of the terms of use from the same IP address may lead to its being blocked.

anonymous edits on profile pages.

Anonymous edits on profile pages are treated with suspicion. While the right to refactor can be exercised freely on such pages, senior editors are strongly cautioned against removing claims made on such pages entirely from sight, especially if they know the profile's subject personally.

A wiki best practice is to verify the facts of any anonymous edits to such pages.

Under no circumstances should any administrator or (chief editor)) be involved in any profile conflict as an editor. If they become involved, they must cease to edit in favour of other trusted senior editors, to avoid giving the impression that exercise of administrative powers will follow on edits unfavourable to their friends. This must apply even to an anonymous edit by such parties who are entrusted with technological powers for the purposes of maintaining objectivity, not for the purposes of favouring their friends.