animal rights

Animal rights or animal welfare is a movement to protect non-human animals from being exploited by humans. Animal rights activists claim that non-human animals must no longer be regarded legally or morally as property, or treated merely as resources for human purposes, but should instead be regarded in the same way human beings are reguarded, as beings with their own right to exist and thrive. To this end the movement advocates that many animals be given legal rights to protect their basic interests. Most animal rights activity focuses on the treatment of human pets, the treatment of animals slaughtered for food or industry, research using animal testing and mammals perceived to have the most intelligence - whales, great apes, etc.

Many countries have legislated against animal cruelty. Some countries have taken the first step toward awarding animal personhood to non-human beings. Switzerland passed legislation in 1992 recognizing animals as beings, not things, and in 2002, rights for non-human animals were enshrined in the German constitution when its upper house of parliament voted to add the words "and animals" to the clause in the constitution obliging the state to respect and protect the dignity of human beings.

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