anchor text

The anchor text_ is the text that appears as the "anchor" of a hypertext link. In a wiki and generally on the WWW this is a page description from the point of view of the current page. In tikiwiki and in wikitext, internal page links have the page name of the target page as the anchor text. In all wikis, the visible name can be changed, e.g. with a vertical bar ("|") and a different anchor or description phrase. There are various views of when this should be done.

issue: there is complex interaction between anchor text use and page naming

position: never use anchor text.
arguments: The page name must be such a good and general description of the page content and purpose that there is never any need to describe it in a different way than its title. Page names must be so perfect that they can always be used as the description.
arguments: The most that anchor text can do is make up for a bad page name, say one with punctuation in it that restricts its use in a sentence,

position: anchor text should cut scope only
argument: page names require scope information, some of which is redundant if the anchor and target are in the same sacope; removing some qualifications in a name cuts redundancy, for instance naming conventions for international Green Party policy could be referred to in an obviously Party-only context as "policy name."

position: use it anywhere.
argument: Page names don't matter, and can and will be changed by people of no discipline at all. If you can't control EXTERNAL page names why control INTERNAL ones?
argument: What matters is that this reader knows exactly WHY the target page is relevant, which isn't up to the page name to say.