The verb "to anarchize" seems to mean "to devolve power to an extreme and total degree". This verb seems to have arisen in part to support and justify troll culture. It is definitely part of trollish.

minimal way to "organize"

Anarchopedia says that "to anarchize is to organize to a minimal degree that makes it impossible to organize or control something further. For instance, to establish a set of equal power relationships that act to prevent any usurpation of power later.

An anarchization is the equivalent of an organization that has chosen to self-anarchize, as opposed to self-organize."


According to Consumerium this is an adversarial process: the definition of an anarchist includes those who can anarchize, or "anarchistically energize", a group, even if not a member. It often consists of organizing by resistance, e.g. troll-sysop struggle, which forces one's enemy to improve to the point where there is conflict along meaningful rather than trivial lines. For instance, to institute troll-friendly policies.

Consumerium applies this with articles on "how to organize an anarchist group" which emphasizes group entity resistance and false community or false conciousness of various other kinds.


This verb is used frequently in communications seemingly related to, or attribute to, the Wikipedia Red Faction, world trolling anarchization, and some of the factions active on other large public wikis notably Consumerium. The term might actually be trollish.

A related term, trollgnaw, seems to describe a forum in which those who advocate anarchizing, meet to anarchize each other, which seems to consist mostly of insulting each other under Crocker's Rules until authority or any feelings of entitlement are gone, and all are exhausted. See also Fight Club on this ruleset.