An anarchization is a social pattern that seeks to perform as, without becoming, an org pattern. It might be functionally equivalent to organization protocols but will generally fail to explicitly prescribe or define any basis for unity, favouring a loose understanding of ethical relationships.

Anarchization often arises as a tendency within what remains of a failed organization.

The world trolling anarchization seems to be an exception although some would say it arose from the failed Wikimedia Foundation, perhaps via the infamous and loathsome Wikipedia Red Faction. Still others, notably Larry Sanger, argue that it RUNS that foundation, or at least steers it. Accordingly, he calls for Wikipedia, or its successor, to establish a non-negotiable project charter:

"Force of personality" might be enough to make a small group of people hang together; for better or worse, however, clearly enunciated rules are needed to make larger groups of people hang together.

The reaction to this proposal seems be extremely favourable, at least among the most progressive Wikipedia factions:

One "Charter caucus" has been launched at "anarchopedia". It is very much open to external contributions from non-"Wikipedians", especially GFDL corpus content users and open politics supporters, however it does warn against wasting time of its members.