alphabetical order

This page helps specify Living Platform itself to living ontology constraints. It is CC-by-nc-sa by the Efficient Civics Guild, some rights reserved.

A list in alphabetical order must never be numbered; it is recognizable due to lack of numbers and the fact that it is in fact alphabetical. Else, an un-numbered list must be assumed to be in weak priority order, subject to any re-ordering that puts the highest priority items at the top based on importance usually but urgency as the deadline grows close as is standard for TIPA.

The most common use of an alphabetical list is to list proper names or concepts with no neutral order, e.g. all LP profiles, list of policy terms, and so on.

The only commitment of those editing a list in this order is to attempt to make it as complete as they can, including all items that belong that they're aware of, without censorship or preference, and to keep it alphabetical, with items using numbers as names at the top.