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This page is a formal log of all pages deleted from openpolitics.ca itself.

If you think a page should be deleted, give it the status tag delete. If you are absolutely sure it satisfies one or more of the conditions for speedy deletion, e.g. save a step: ignore it and also redirect it to the page "delete". Someone with the authority to delete it will do so if they concur it satisfies the conditions. Please note that only a bad page name or a page history consisting only of spam qualifies a page to be deleted rather than replaced with more valid content.

Deletions are very rare in openpolitics.ca and only occur when a page meets the conditions for speedy deletion. Pages are much more usually ignored. If you think a particular delete should have been handled by ignoring, restore it with the category "ignore".

socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations

2007-02-02 - Michael Pilling, acting as Chief Editor, claimed that "socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations was just bad redirect to a public figure" and thus deleted it for contributing to an editorial balance problem: there are at present no declared Conservative Party of Canada supporters among senior editors, and there are unlikely to be any if there are too many obvious biases against that party or its leader.

While there is a strong argument for redirecting every uniquely stupid phrase uttered by every politician to their profile, it seems the resources and will to do this generally is not yet available. Accordingly it's unfair to let just one determined group pile up such redirects and discourage their rivals.

pages removed

2007-02-03 - anonymous trolls, enforcing the use of delete and deleted rather than remove and removed, called for "pages removed" to be deleted to avoid new links to it, replacing it with all pages deleted, this very page