all name precedents

The list of all name precedents should be copied closely when making up page names. Creativity is not a good thing in page names. Naming conventions apply, and failing to follow them can create many problems if the bad page names are allowed to remain and to propagate.


political party units

The precedent for pages for the various units that make up a political party in Canada has been set as follows:

The name of the page above takes the following form: abbreviate party name+abbreviate formal unit (in the case above, CA = Constituency Association )+shortest identifiable name of riding, electoral district or jurisdiction

non-governmental organizations

jurisdictions and reports on them

policy resolutions

The few precedents in this area must be copied as exactly as possible with only substitutions of place, organization allowed - this is to simplify translation and enable debate as discussed at policy resolution. This is towards new



material relevant only for a certain time interval