all control verbs

This list is a subset of the living process terms and overlaps with the list of process terms used at openpolitics.ca itself. It must be kept up to date as new control verbs come into use on pages edited here.

The prepositions are common in page names but verbs are the core of any active ontology:

(a REST protocol supports only the above verbs).

See also all domain verbs and list of policy terms.

subject implied by verb

Some verbs implicitly suggest that the action is being undertaken by a citizen or by an activist, or by a candidate, faction, political party or some level of government. For instance, it is always a candidate who runs, and always a party or part of a party that runs a candidate.

human command verbs

In openpolitics.ca, a few control verbs describe actions of a citizen in the real world, as opposed to actions undertaken merely in the web service. Such verbs, like "arrest" or "keep peace" or "extradite" or "deport", are entailed by poltical position taking but are not directly performed by a party or faction participating.

For such verbs a command hierarchy is implied to be the subject of the action, typically the Government of Canada or some subordinate body enforcing its laws. This necessitates a completely different list, the list of all human command verbs issued in a command hierarchy.

Those verbs must be taken somewhat more seriously than the ones that simply refer to acts of communication or decision with no life-changing consequences. Tracking them is of special importance, especially when used in page names.

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