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''We expect to have more than just GPC platform planks en français shortly - to expand the list to include new citizen initiatives. We are also working on material en espanol for FPVA.

See GPC platform planks for the current Green Party of Canada work by the GPC Shadow Cabinet, from which the following are mostly drawn, with a few key exceptions, e.g. Civic Efficiency Collaborative, Green Budget Coalition and City Signal Infrastructure Loan''

This page lists all citizen initiatives. Some converge with the Platform 2005subcommittees' work - these are under the supervision of the Platform 2005 process committee.

All others are subject to the citizen initiative process

To start initiatives not presently listed, please make sure you have understood how to join initiatives already going, then understand what an initiative activist role is.

If just commenting about policy, you may comments to any of the pages below. PLEASE DO NOT ADD COMMENTS ON ANY SPECIFIC citizen initiative to THIS page, it is an index. Find the more specific pages listing only that one initiative.



International Peace and Security

Initiative Activist Chair: open

trade bloc and continental

Energy, natural resources, waste

Mining the Connections

Agriculture Forestry Fisheries and Oceans activists

Initiative Activist Chair: open

Minerals energy activists

Initiative Activist Chair: open

National Security activists

Initiative Activist Chair: open

Transport activists

Initiative Activist Chairs: open

Environment activists

Initiative Activist Chair: possibly
Sharon Labchuk

Finance and Economics activists

Initiative Activist Chair: open - possibly User:Elizabeth_May

Heritage Arts Culture activists

Subcommittee Chair: K Boudreau


democracy and governance activists

Initiative Activist Chair: User:Craig_Hubley
Other pages available at democracy and governance subcommittee.

Health activists

Initiative Activist Chair: open

Community Development and Social Justice activists

Initiative Activist Chair: User:Hayley_Easto

Industry, Technology & Communications

Initiative Activists Chair: User:Douglas_Jack


The ImagineHalifax initiatives and Province of Toronto Party are good templates for how to start an effort to create urban initiatives. A municipal protocol is under development to bring these into LivingPlatform.CA itself so we can support them and encourage agreement on a list of policy terms that would include those that ImagineHalifax pioneered in its work in fall of 2004.

The 2005 Sectors listing has more possible sectors. ThePlatform 2005 Listserves are good places to discuss the issues, though they focus on the Platform 2005 Project.