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''This is a list of all categories presently being used for openpolitics.ca itself.

existing categories

Admin|private pages for staff uses|Admin
GPC|Green Party of Canada-legacy page|should be marked but still visible if only as reference unless better generic one exists
help|general information/help/navigation/definition|general permissions apply - usually open to all helpful inputs under CC-by-sa
issue|pages where IPAs are encouraged|general permissions apply
archived|pages that have been archived|any registered user can see them
contest|pages for specific contests|depends
challenge|pages for issue challenge|depends
news|news article, typically contains links to issue pages; may be exact transcription of standard source or op news designed to highlight an issue effectively|usually have editor level restrictions after they are no longer current - left open while current as they are closely watched anyway, and need breaking news input
profile|pages about people, groups and institutions|may be protected if frequently altered in non-useful ways

[+] Proposed Categories