all avatar command verbs

A list of all avatar command verbs is important in MUDs and especially MMRPGs and some turn-based strategy games. This is a list of commands that are available for use by one's "self" (the avatar ) or as an action to another person. They are also sometimes called "atmosphere" or "feelings", and in some designs are considered to reside in an invisible object called the "soul" of every player - sometimes in order to explain how they transcend a character's death and rebirth.

A stated ideal of such games is to simulate all human command verbs that might be used between real people. However, there has been little "progress" in that regard.

In 1991 AC Capehart reported in sci.virtual-worlds that "Each MUD has a standard set which is easily modified by those that operate/run it. Ours is:

ack applaud bleed blush bounce
bow burp cackle caress cheer
chuckle clap comfort cough cry
cuddle curtsey dance drool fart
faint flip fondle french frown
gasp giggle glare grin groan
grope growl grumble hiccup hug
kick kiss knee laugh lick
love moan nasty nibble nod
pat peer pick poke ponder
pout puke purr ruffle scream
shake shiver shrug shudder sigh
sing slap smirk smile snap
sneeze snicker sniff snore snuggle
spit squeeze stare strut sulk
swear thank think tickle twiddle
wave whistle wink yawn"

Most interesting was "nasty" which according to Capehart "was added by a renagade wiz and has been removed. It simulated (very quick) sex between two players. (all based on the initiation of only one of them)." Some players might consider this a form of rape.